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Getting started

This project is developed using Ionic for mobile integration of the Vue3 (with VueX for state transitions and VueRouter for routing) frontend to the Parse Platform backend. It is a responsive single page app in Typescript using the Parse Javascript SDK (API Ref) to communicate with the backend running Parse Cloud Code in Javascript, with some external widgets that can be embedded into regular webpages. We use cypress to run end to end tests against the application.

Development Setup

Thus, in order to develop, an development backend service is required. You can either use the cloud-based gitpod setup or set up a local development environment using docker-compose. Please follow the respective guides in this section.

Development accounts

The mock data creates some default data and logins for the development and testing environments. The password always equals the username (also for other accounts created during e2e-tests). Here are the most important accounts to tests with:

  • River Song (user & password: river) is admin of the default main team “Team Doctor Who”;
  • Clara Oswald (clara) is a regular user in the same team
  • Graham (graham) is a regular user in the default team and admin of the default subteam “Team Earth”,
  • Yaz (yaz) is member of both the default team and the subteam “Team Earth”

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